Salt snack:This is my current favorite salty snack. Dulse chips.In a pan heated very lowly let the chunks of Dulse turn from purple to green.They are salty and taste like the sea and they are addictiveNamasteIsaac

Quick and easy snack.2 Granny Smith apples chopped uptop them with a little raw honey, MCT coconut oil and cinnamon.Bitter foods like dandelion, granny smith apples and mustard greens are good for detoxing your liver!

Spirulina!Spirulina is an amazing blue green algae.It is about 60% protein and packed full of almost every nutrient the body needs, in perfect ratio!IT smells and tastes like fish food/what you expect pond scum to taste like but blends in nicely into strongly flavoured shakes, juices and energy bars.I put 1 tsp in water and drink it straight and make a paste out of it which I apply to my skin. It is good for healing skin issues. But be warned, excessive use will lead to dry skin.

Green on the go!I have been partaking in a bit of a detox/cleanse since Sunday.Sticking to raw fruit/veg, green join and coconut water.This drink here is about one of the best damn things I have ever tasted!And it is so simple and nutritious too!Green milk:3 Bananas ( cut up and frozen )0.5 liter of fresh, young coconut water1 tbsp of cinnamon1 tsp of spirulinaand if you want 1 tsp of cacao powder.It had a sort of…chai/vanilla flavour and I will be drinking this every day this week!

Orange Chilli Chocolate:This one is dark, spicy and has a hint of citrus..1/2 cup cacao butter.2 tbs coconut oil.2 tbs coconut palm sugar.8 tbs cacao powder.pinch of pink salt.2 tbs fresh squeezed orange juice ( it could have more if you want a stronger orange flavor ).pinch of chipotle chilli flakes.pinch of fresh cracked black pepperpoured into mold and then topped with grated orange peel, a sprinkle of palm sugar, shredded coconut and more chilli flakes.namaste-Isaac

Simple lunch:As many grapefruits as you want, precleaned at home. I had 4 and was contentedly full afterwards. Take off the membrane and peel at home and sprinkle with some palm sugar. It makes a delicious, tart/sweet, super rehydrating lunch. Grapefruit has seemingly endless benefits for our flesh machines. Low glycemic, high in vit. C and vit. A, helps balance metabolism, burns fat, high in fiber and a source of omeg 3/ omega 6. . Palm sugar as well is a vitamin rich, low glycemic sweetener that your body will love you for eating. Enjoy - Isaac

Raw Chocolate sampler day:Today I was at the market and picked up a nice 1 pound bag of raw cacao powder.I already had a lot of raw cacao butter at home and some other ingredients, so I had raw chocolate on my mind.Pretty much the goal was to make a handful of different kinds. Small batches, try out some different things and see how they turned out.The base of all of them was same:1/2 cup cacao butter ( melted down over low heat in a double boiler )1/4 cup coconut oil ( extra virgin )1/4 cup of raw honey2/3 cup of raw cacao powdera pinch of pink saltThen I set up all my options. Dried golden berry, fresh blues, dehydrated banana, chilli flakes, really good quality vanilla extract/liquor ( I’m living within a budget here! no vanilla beans these days ), raw almonds, cinnamon, macca, mesquite powder.For the plain chocolate I added a tsp of cinnamon. It is nice as is. It is more towards the milk chocolate side of things.With the blue berry I added vanillaThe chocolate with the chilli flakes got cinnamon and mesquiteThe Almond one got vanilla, cinnamon and maccaand the dried banana just got the plain chocolate.They all turned out really nice although the chilli one may be a bit hot for some people. Buy some good quality and interesting/diverse ingredients and don’t be afraid to make a mistake.Enjoy!- Isaac

I had this for breakfast but it is good when ever.Tea and toast!It has been a long ass time since I’ve had tea and toast…or toast at all.This is a bread recipe I made up last night. Super simple and very enjoyable.Buckwheat loaf:2 cups of ground buckwheat groat ” flour”  - Grind your raw buckwheat groats in a spice grinder3 tbsp of ground flax1 tsp himalayan salt1 tsp baking soda1 tsp baking powder - Mix all together in a medium sized bowladd 1.5 cups of water, mix togetherly completelypour into baking dish lined with parchment/wax paperand top with sun flower seeds and fresh ground pepperbake in preheated 350 degree oven for 40 minutes.Comes out very dense, moist and topped with a light, cracked crust.I had mine today with raw honey and a licorice root tea.

A good friend of mine mailed me a really nice gift and part of that gift was this matcha green tea, very nice stuff. I was making lunch ( recipe will follow ) and decided to improvise a bit. This is the result.very green matcha green tea soup:Heat 3 cups of water in a kettle until quite warm but not at all boiling and pour over 1 matcha green tea bag. Drink half of it and save the other half.In a pot set to the lowest possible heating on your stove top keep the rest of the tea warm along with 3 tbsp of Braggs soy aminos/ liquid soy seasoning.Add in 1/4 cup of chickpeas ( canned or soaked, whic ever you prefer )1 small handful of chopped white onion1 clove of garlic mashed or chopped finely1 tsp cracked black pepper, 1 tsp of himalayan salt and 1 tsp chinese 5 spice2 cremini mushrooms cut into thin slices1 medium sized head of bokchoy diced2 of 3 loose cups of chopped mixed asian greens ( which ever you like ) - mine were a mix of tatsoi, mustard greens, pak choy, spinaches etc - let this just steam for a while and wilt a bitonce soup is in bowl top with 1/4 of an avocado choppedenjoy - Isaac Watamaniuk